The Hyper-Boule

The Universal Translator

The work of Roberto Renout

Roberto Renout died 12 august 2003 in Paris. He was an Astromancer, and designer of the HyperBoule, a geometrical mathematical construct.
His work was unknown to the general public. He did not publish, and few knew of his work, let stand understand it.
This paper presents some of his findings and insight. It proposes the concept of the Universal Translator, as a hypothetic 'attractor' to integrate - and more readily understand - the various concepts Robert Renout worked with.
Roberto Renout, Universal Translator, HyperBoule, Hyper Harmonics, Hamiltonian pathways.


The work of Roberto Renout can be understood in terms of one simple concept: the Universal Translator. In his approach, every culture operates by its own tacit logic. This is formulated in its core belief system, described as its philosophies and religions. Those again are expressed in its normal natural language. Which again is based on elements of its natural environment. (Maturana & Varela, 1980)

For the last, Renout based his descriptions on its most basic components: the natural life cycles, the natural processes of transformation, their relationships to each other and their context, and their fundamental embedding in nature and our being. For this description Renout makes use of the language system of process dynamics of Astrology. As will be shown, this was - for him - not a system for prediction, but rather a language apt for describing dynamic relations. The following describes how in this approach Astrology acquires different meaning. It becomes interactive, even reflective, and can thereby be used to elucidate our freedom of choice. This is thus an opposite view of Astrology as most people understand it. For this reason he used the same 'language' but not in the same interpretation; and changed the name by which he called it: Astromancy.
An Astromancer, in this understanding, is someone who dowses, by making use of the natural (planetary/cosmic) rhythms. As aid to make better decision.

To Renout this was an issue of responsibility, thus precision. In order to be succinctly specific he worked with some detailed definitions and concept:
The Astrocule, the HyperBoule, The Hand-Glove concept, the HyperMandala. Each term will now be briefly defined, and presented in more detail further down in this paper. Then all concept will be brought together in the concept of the Universal Translator. These concept and notions are presented here to allow others to know and pursue the work of Roberto Renout. Evidently, the need for a Universal Translator is fundamental in humanity, where cultures live in conflict by not understanding how to relate their specific perspectives. In the HyperBoule, they can be explicitly correlated and related, by showing their 'points of intersection' in their shared natural language: the ways in which humans relate to, and form part of, the cosmos.

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Maturana, HR, FJ Varela (1980) Autopoiesis and Cognition: The Realization of the Living, Reidel, Dordrecht, Holland


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