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The above listed series of essays are an invitation to learn (about) Astrology in a different manner. Astrology is interesting, even fascinating, with its strange symbolic language and seemingly pliable interpretations.
There are many kind of astrologers, and every culture has its version. Maya Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Chaldean Astrology, Western- and Eastern Astrology, Christian and Muslim astrology, just to name a few.
There are medical astrologers, newspaper astrologers, TV astrologers and the less spoken of corporate political astrologers and the military advisor astrologers (which is why some people prefer to pretend that astrology ‘does Not work’),
Astrology however is merely a system, a helpful and effective system, for understanding natural cosmic rhythms, and the way they affect our body rhythms (which also operate in our mind, as ‘brain rhythms’). The aim of Astrology is to be able to better recognise, thus foresee, recurring patterns, and thereby be able to make better choices; by knowing what will happen anyhow (because the pattern is recurrent), or what is unpredictable (or as yet not understood).
In a way it helps is navigate between the safe space and the unknown - or is it the prison of habit and the domain of creation?

Astrology is based on physics (the motions of planets and stars). But at a deeper level physics is not enough: physics, matter, is but a form of energy; and what really Matters is how energy forms matter, transforms matter, and moves matter. At that deeper level we are no longer dealing with physics but cosmology, and one of the best descriptions thereof is Tetryonics ( It is simple, it explains all we know, it corrects errors in science, and it shows how energy forms matter.
At that deeper level we can see that the movement of Matter depends on the interplay on electromagnetic energy fields. At the most fundamental level, this is about photons and bosons, information and energy.
Once that is understood it is evident that everything in existence is a form of energy in formation, existing in time and space. But there are also immaterial forms, not existing in space and time, which however do determine the space-time objects because they, as all Tetryons, are moved by electromagnetic fields. We do better not to focus on Matter, but on the (to us) immaterial, or meta-physical, electromagnetic energy information fields.
In antiquity this was called Spirit (or Spiritus), the Greeks called it Pneuma (which also describes “soul”). It is also known as the unmovable mover, the invisible creator. We now know it as the electromagnetic field. We see the hand that pushes the wagon; we see the water that floats the log; but we do not see the wind (Spiritus/Pneuma) that blows the autumn leaf. The need to describe that as invisible movers is past: we can now describe electromagnetic fields: they form matter, and they move matter.

As the deepest level Astrology describes electromagnetic vibrational patterns. That is why all cultures study astrology, and why astrology has so many application. Ultimately it is always meant as a tool to help us enhance our interaction with/in our environment. Astrology as a language/bridge to link biology and cosmology. Thus also psychology and creation.

The above listed essays address different way in which we can understand this, and use this.


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