The Hyper-Boule
The work of Roberto Renout



The Astrocule specifies the typical characteristics of personality in terms of its basic natural 'components', our relationship with nature.
The Astrocule is the equivalent of a molecule, in terms of describing the ‘material’ of the personality structure. The atomic elements in this case are the basic relationships in nature; the natural logic of connectedness. These are fundamental patterns of process relationships. These can be formulated in classical astrological terms; albeit with a more integral interpretation.


Tetra Boule (t)The HyperBoule is a relational algorithm. The HyperBoule is a geometric representation which combines a system of different fundamental relationships. These are graphed as points, lines, triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, and further polygons. As in Numerology and Tarot, the different polygons represent different complexities of connectedness, thus different qualities. In case of the HyperBoule they are represented on the surface of a sphere. This offers a discrete representation of distinct qualities of relationships. This is also the algorithm that generates the astrological interpretations of the Astrocule.

Hand-Glove concept

The Hand-Glove method inverts classical astrological thinking, Instead of a calculation of natal planetary positions, progressions, geo-astrology and synastry to account for behaviour, subjective experience and behaviour is used as the basis for description. Via subjective self-evaluation - to generate a virtual 'behavioural birth sign'. This then can serve as virtual interface to define how people relate to themselves and their context.


HyperBoule (t)The HyperMandala is a relational complex: as a discrete 'hologram' it relates actual states (or conditions) to alternative states (or conditions). This makes both internal and external processes (or relationships) explicit (at the level of the mandalic computations). Practically, the relationship between the person, their context, and the interaction between them can all be described in the same manner. In Mathematics this would be described as a Transformation Matrix. In this case the term HyperMandala is more appropriate, because the internal and external components too are involved in the descriptions; as is their ongoing dynamic.

The Universal Translator

The Universal Translator is a methodology and system that serves as a method to integrate personal perspective - and understanding - in relating to any context. It makes use of the notion of the HyperMandala (the dynamic transformation matrix), which operates the Hand-Glove principle, in the representation of the HyperBoule, to relate different Astrocules with respect to each other.

The Labyrint

The Labyrinth is an application of the principle of the Universal Translator. It is a Gaming Reality, played over the internet, in which the participants explore a Virtual City. As a result they can explore and develop different aspects of their psyche. The Labyrinth, as the Universal Translator, is based on the principle of the HyperMandala designed by Roberto Renout.



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