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Astrology is usually regarded as ‘predictions’ for behaviour.
Military strategists and others, also use astrology for making choices.
Entrepreneurs and statesmen will use astrology for initiating or completing projects.
In many cultures astrology is used in this manner, to plan weddings.

Roberto Renout sought insight to understand better how we make choices.
On the one hand, we are dealing with fixed planetary rhythms, also operating in our body.
On the other hand, we are dealing with catastrophes, the unforeseen, which astrology even can predict as eclipses.
We are thus not only dealing with fixed rhythms, but also with relations and exchanges between them: can we understand that better?

Roberto Renout found impressive solutions.
Alas, very few people knew of them.
Fewer people even could understand them.
What Roberto Renout achieved, was to create ‘quantum-relativity’ for astrology.

The Astrocule is his model for relating, correlating fixed rhythms with choices.
Compare it to a molecule, composed of Rings and Rods, in physics.
In this case, an Astrocule exists in the time domain; in time processes, and timing.
The Astrocule integrates Time (Ring, Resonance, Rhythm) with Timing (Choices).

The HyperBoule is an elaboration of the Astrocule concept.
In a sense it is like a large atom; just as some atoms are much larger than others.
The HyperBoule brings together what an astrological chart can offer, but puts it in more dimensions.
Therein the Hyperboule combines options and choices (Rings and Rods) in a much more evolved, yet coherent manner.

The Hypermandala extends this idea even farther.
It applies the description of astrology to ... the description of astrology.
The zodiac, with its 12 aspects, is regarded ... by the way of 12 different aspects.
This (combined with Roberto’s Hand-Glove Technique) makes it possible to integrate different astrological ‘solutions’, ‘formulations’, ‘perspectives’, to each other, and see how one astrological chart ‘weaves’ into another; thence the word hyper-mandala.


The Astrocule, HyperBoule and Hypermandala are tools, which make it possible to generalise the Hand-Glove technique - via the Universal Translator - to the Labyrinth: the practical application of this understanding of relationship to integrate, heal, the development of all people. And all cultures.


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