The Hyper-Boule

Astrocule, in astrology, is an equivalent for a molecule, for physics.

Astrology is a language designed for time-processes.
Time, by definition, operates as cycles.
Time calculus deals with the size and rate of such cycles, and how they connect.
This is equivalent for the connecting of atoms of different sizes; thence, the astrocule as counterpart for a molecule.

Molecules are clusters of atoms, made up of rods and cycles.
Molecules are antennae; simultaneously structural elements, and carriers of information.
An antenna serves to store and transmit wave forms.
Astrocules can be considered to be such wave forms, without material substance.

Astrocules are fundamental elemental interconnected patterns of resonance.
As mentioned before: astrology deals with time cycles, and how to connect them.
In molecules we can identify Rods and Rings in their structure.
In Astrology most people focus on the (resonant) rings; Roberto Renout also sought out the Rods.

"Astra inclinant, non decidant".

"Il faut Forcer les Choix"
(Roberto Renout)

Astrology addressed the domain of processing in time.
Time, and timing, is consequential to the flow of forces.
Manifestation, and matter, is consequential to time and timing.
Astrology as such can be regarded as a landscape in motion; like an ocean of time.

Oceans have gulf stream, skies have Jet Stream, the ionosphere has Aurora Boeralis.
In the Earth we see the same as the interplay between a river and a bedding.
The slant (inclination) of the earth determines the flow of rain water in rivers.
But it is likewise the bedding of the river which sculpts and guides the flow.

In our body we experience the interplay between solid, liquid, gaseous & plasma matter.
These are known as the four phase of Alchemy.
In our body we experience that they are linked to the processes in the world around us; the lunar/menstrual cycle is an example.
In fact, all the processes within our body are still part of the processes in the world around us: our internal food chain is part of the external food chain, the flows of the seasons, and the development of the whole cosmos.

"Incarnate", "Astral", "Ether" and "Kether".
These are traditional terms for the interplay between Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.
They are also the terms for the realm of Space, Time, Energy and Consciousness.
We experience this as the interplay between Anatomy, Physiology, Regulation and Information.

Astrology operates in the Astral Plane; the domain of processes, time and timing, rhythms and resonance.
This is also the realm of emotions, the metal flows, and the dynamics of thinking which may lead to decisions.
This can be compared to the waters of an ocean, on which we navigate a boat: while the wind and undertow drives us.
Yet, whenever needed we can always lower/raise the sails, row the boat or swim and pull it.

Astrology details how the rhythms of planets resonate within nature, and our body.
Indeed, there are direct links between planetary rhythms, and frequencies in our body, brains and the molecular frequencies of hormones.
Yet, more important than the roster of the rhythm of the ‘trains’ of the ‘cosmic railroads’, is the possibility to ‘change trains’ and ‘create stations’.
In astrology we do not only deal with the resonant cosmic planetary cycles, but also how they are linked, and how we can change from the one to the other.

The planets of Astrology represent such resonant rhythms.
Because of their fundamental guiding function as resonant ‘carrier wave’ in nature, and our body.
They are traditionally described as ‘fundamental principles/movers’, a.k.a. "Gods".
The Buddhist Deities, and the Greek/Roman Pantheon are - indeed - the Zodiac, and important because they represent fundamental rhythms in our body.

These resonant rhythms are very important; indeed: "carrier waves" for many of our actions.
Yet, as greet Mythology shows: people find it difficult to changes from one rhythm to another.
In the Urantia Book this is explained: "you must not become servants of your servants".
The resonant carrier waves are important: more important is how you  switch between them.

The planets can be considered to be "musical instruments in an orchestra".
Remember: poets often sing of the  music of the celestial  spheres", the planets."
Yet resonance can also be mesmerising, lulling, enchanting.
That is where people start to be lived by the drone of the planets/rhythms.

That is where it is important to (re)learn to make decisions.
We are not only dealing with the steady rhythms of the planets, but also the interactions between them.
That is where it is practical to think in this model of the Orchestra of the various planets. And understand the fights and romances between the gods, as symphonic/ cacophonic combinations of music.

Nowadays we have the much more helpful of the Hologram.
It is much better than the model of an orchestra, because it makes the spatial importance so clear.
Roberto Renout worked towards that with his understanding of the Astrocule, the AstroBoule and the HyperMandala: complex relations of rhythms.
But more important is how these resonant cycles, these rings (of sound), the sloops (of motion of planets) have specific links between them.

That means we need to look beyond the Astrological Rhythmic Cycles.
We also need to see how these cycles are (occasionally) linked.
We are not only dealing with time, we are also dealing with timing.
That is where we can think back to the molecules, with their rods and their rings.

Astrocules look beyond Rings (the Cycles) to come to understand how rings are connected.
Indeed, it is like the atomic physics, of our life and emotions.
Yet, because it operates at the level of process: "it inclines, but cannot decide".
It is up to you to make your life decisions: to select the timing "when to change trains".



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