The Hyper-Boule

Hyperboule is a spatial organisation of rhythms, time cycles.
It can be interpreted to help understand the forms of atoms.

Tetra Boule (t)

    Imagine a soap bubble.
    We can use it to represent a time cycle.
    The bubble can be larger or smaller, thicker or thinner.
    Likewise time cycles can be larger or smaller, quicker or slower.

    Now imagine more than one soap bubble.
    You can see how two and more soap bubbles can link up.
    When you blow soap bubbles, you can see how they can form clusters.
    But most interesting are the forms of clusters, which in themselves form cycles.

The HyperBoule is such a bubble of bubbles.
It is a geometric shape, in which rhythms are interconnected with rhythms.
You can compare it to atoms, growing in size; with different qualities associated with different sizes.
Or, compare it to a chord of music: many notes harmoniously resonating together.

The HyperBoule of Roberto Renout is a fascinating creation.
He was inspired by the Rubik Cube; and sent in his proposal for a sequel.
In Roberto’s model, the form was not a cube, but a sphere.
Which, at the same time, can help understand planetary/natural cycles.

In the HyperBoule, Roberto integrates ALL "Platonic Solids".
The Platonic Solids are very specific combinations of rhythms.
Remember, everything material, is molecular; always.
Everything that exists as "Physics" was created out of combinations of processes, in Time.

The Platonic Solids all illustrate specific kinds of processes; which are interconnected.
Together they help understand how processes, together, can make ‘things’ appear ‘solid’.
In reality, everything is (still) part of the overall ongoing process, of Creation.
The Platonic Solids in their way help understand how "Time" can 'slow down' to form "Space".

Roberto Renout’s HyperBoule integrate ALL "Platonic Solids".
They are known as the 4 Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
These are different forms of Phase; with different degrees of freedom, within them.
What matters (the art of Alchemy) is how you go from one phase to another.

In the HyperBoule you can actually see it.
Remember, thus is not just a Ball, it is a cluster of bubbles.
Look within the Ball to see how all the bubbles are related.
As in blowing soap bubbles: when they merge, they form different shapes.

Straight lines are the result of interconnected (balanced) cycles.
Triangles and squares are the result of combinations of interconnected cycles.
At a deeper level cycles are always created and resolved; they can grow and shrink.
In topology spheres therefore have ‘poles’; they are in fact parts of vortex motion.

This is also why the description of astrology is not deterministic; it never can be.
Astrology is by definition relativistic: just as molecular (relativistic) physics.
But astrology is not by itself Probabilistic; that is what Roberto Renout added.
By introducing the HyperBoule, he introduced Multiple State Time Realms.

The HyperBoule is a logical extension of the Astrocule.
In a way, it offers a transition from Chemistry to Physicality.
This also offers a link between emotions and reason; feelings and choice.
It is Robert’s answers to Roberto’s notion "Il Faut Forcer les Choix": Choose to choose.

The HyperBoule thus is an extension of the Astrocule.
And a basis for the


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