The Hyper-Boule

The Hypermandala is a mandala.
It is a resonant shape; a pattern/chord/hologram of rhythms.
This is also how, in the East, a Mandala is normally understood.
The Hypermandala, just as the Mandala in the Orient, is only in part in this world.

The Hypermandala is a logical extension of the Hyperboule.
The HyperBoule of a ‘bubble’ of interwoven Astrocules.
An Astrocule is a form of interwoven rhythms.
The HyperMandala is a tapestry of frequency-relationship-patterns; shaping shapes.

This may seem very enigmatic; but remember: everything physical is chemical, is electromagnetic, is a form of information - in phase space.
Structures in space are in fact only resonant rhythms in time.
The HyperBoule shows how time patterns interrelate; and how you can connect them.
The HyperMandala extends that understanding; and thereby includes how rhythms are build up, and collapse.

Remember? Astrology deals with rhythms, processes in time.
Those rhythms can interact and interfere with each other.
They can create the cacophony or symphony of the Heavenly Spheres.
This is the basis of the Greek Myths, or the was and love affairs between the Greek Gods (The planetary/organ rhythms).

In the HyperMandala, Roberto Renout applies astrology to astrology.
Astrology describes the relationship between (time) cycles.
The language of astrology includes the understanding of emergence and immergence.
This is how Roberto makes it possible to use astrology not just to describe energy states (HyperBoule) but also the potential for energy transformations (Hypermandala).

In other words, Roberto Renout pulled Astrology from its Classical interpretation to the understanding of Relativity (HyperBoule) and Probability (HyperMandala).
Very impressive: also because he thereby uses a tool which was specifically designed to describe processes in time.
This makes it possible to bring our understanding of nature one step closer to the underlying dynamics of creation.

The HyperMandala is a Probability method; which is NOT based on statistics.
It used the 12 phases of astrology, to describe how those 12 phases can change.
In earlier work, Roberto Renout showed how this is linked to the I Ching, Tarot and Sephiroth.
From other work it is known that those models are directly related also to our DNA.

The Hypermandala thus offer insight in the basic principles of manifestation, and materialisation.
These principles play a role, also, in incarnation -  as you may know many cultures have extensive understanding of karmic astrology, linking many different life lines.
Roberto used computer technology to integrate his findings of the Astrocule, HyperBoule and Hypermandala into one integral astrological
He planned to use that program, later, to develop a collaborative game, interactive for many users, in which the insights of astrology would be use to heal the hurts of all players.


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