The Hyper-Boule
Living with Astrology

Many people live a life and hope for the best.
Some realise there are patterns to life, and try to plan their future.
Few realise that we are connected in/to our context in time, and can choose our timing.
Very few are aware that this means there is an underlying pattern by which we connect in Creation.

Roberto Renout studied the way we connect to our context.
He studied Astrology, practised the Tarot, researched the I Chin and taught the Sephiroth (as a way of life).
He realised that Astrology is not a science, in the scientific sense: something you study and look at.
For him Astrology is something you practice, and perform: a tool for realisation.
That was why he did not call himself an astrologer, but an Astromancien.

Astromancien = Astromantic; an Astro-Dowser

In a series of essays some of the implications of his work will be unravelled:

  • Astrology and Freedom of Choice
  • Astrology and Gravity
  • Astrology in/and our Body
  • and other topics


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