The Hyper-Boule

The Labyrinth is a Virtual City for self-exploration. (c) Roberto Renout

The Labyrinth is a game - played over the internet, with as many participants as the servers can handle.

New participants in the Labyrinth will appear as only shadows. Ghosts, who have not yet taken on a life of their own.
The more they play, the more the virtual reality of the Labyrinth becomes known and real to them. And the more they become tangible and real to the others playing. Any Virtual Reality is real in our mind.

In The Labyrinth all aspects of life can be lived fully. This includes all the shady sides that people - alas - often explore and act out in the real world around them. By acting it out in the game - a reality of its own - it no longer needs to be ‘lived’ in the real world.
Reality is an experience. The experience is in our mind.
We do not necessarily need to act out in real life what we need to resolve.
We can resolve it in our mind.

Our mind operates by fundamental principles. Our psyche is part of our bodily being. Our psyche therefor operates by the same principles as the Cosmos. These cosmic principles have been described. All symbolic languages offer means to operate those symbols, and thereby operate our mind.
Throughout the ages all cultures have found symbols by which these principles can be recognised. If the symbols are true, they can also serve to act on our psyche.

The Labyrinth is such a symbol. As a Virtual City, people can become Virtual Inhabitants with Virtual Lives.

Roberto Renout realised that it is possible to construct a Virtual Reality based only on those symbols. As it is those symbols, and the principles they stand for, that operate our psyche, it is possible to turn this around, and create a symbolic reality especially for developing our psyche.
By using the symbols of astrology, the logic of the psyche itself van be addressed. The principles of the
Earth and the Universe, the Moon and the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, Venus and Mars, Neptune and Uranus, Mercury  and Pluto, South Node and North Node, and so on can all be used as primary principles for a basic psychological ‘machine’: the engine of the Labyrinth program.

The architecture of this Virtual City is therefore not based on the cities we know, but on the structure of our psyche.

Roberto foresaw 12 cities within cities within cities within cities ...
As in the towns we live in, people can live in one city, and interact with each other, oblivious of the people living in the other ‘cities’: the other aspects of the psyche.

By developing each aspect of the psyche, participants will develop and come to inhabit more parts of the city.
The abilities that they develop in the Labyrinth game, are the basis of the skills by which they live In Real Life.

    Sex, for example, is a logical aspect of Scorpio; and a natural trait of our body. Each participant can explore sex in the game from the perspective of each of the 12 houses, and each of the heavenly bodies (‘planets’).

In this way, each of the aspects of the Zodiac, representing corresponding aspects of of Body-Mind, could be explored, in interacting with others.
However, because of this taking place in the context of a game, it would not damage others. Each player would be guided through a cleansing procedure upon entering and exiting the Game Reality. Compare it to a re-entry trajectory of a rocket for safe landing. As a result, in playing the game, the experience of the game can benefit the person. While the experience of the game can be resolved without impacting the Real Life people around us.

    Mars, for example, expresses core creative powers. It is an expression of the ego: the exertion of personal will and ability to preserve territorial hygiene.
    War is but one of its forms; in fact it is a form in which the expression of personal needs and uniqueness is not respected by others, becomes frustrated, and violent.
    Testosterone is one of the related metabolites of the hormone system.
    By learning to experience one’s own shifts in hormone balance, as the result of changes in the psyche, due to experiences that take place in the mind (the game) only, it is possible to come to realise that we are the creators of our own inner climate. It is not ‘others’ who ‘inflict’ us with feelings (in fact: emotions). What we experience is our own doing.
    We have a choice how we respond. The universe around us is a trigger. What we experience is the consequence of how we choose to respond.

By learning that we have a choice in how we respond; and by practising, training, all the different aspects of our psyche, we learn to live our lives more fully.

Roberto Renout realised that no one needs too know the theory behind this.
Nor does any one need to learn to operate the processes of our psyche.
The way our body works is built-in in our body. The same holds for our psyche.
And the way this can be described, is available in the symbol systems of the old traditions that were developed for this purpose. Of which Astrology is but one aspect.

For this reason, Roberto Renout conceived the Labyrinth as a place where people can meet themselves, in meeting others in the game world.
It is also a place where people can learn to know more of themselves:

  • how they function,
  • why they make their choices,
  • what hidden talents and skills they can develop,
  • how their uniqueness complements that of others.

This makes the Labyrinth a basic safe space for developing social and job skills, realising one’s personal talents, to be able to best apply them in the Real Life world around us.

  • Technically, the Labyrinth operates on basis of the Hypermandala, a relational calculation matrix which is also the core of the AstroDivine program, and the engine of the Universal Translator.

The Labyrinth was thus foreseen to be an application of the concepts of the Universal Translator, by which participants of the game could develop their psyche and learn to relate to themselves, thus to others, in order to live in a more integrated manner in the world. By learning to know and respect the cosmic laws by which we function. As learned ... in the Labyrinth game.



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