The Hyper-Boule
The Hand-Glove Technique

Astrology can calculate the position of the planets on any moment in known time.
From this, it can assess what moment your meridian system was activated, after birth.
This ties in with the way we relate to our environment: the processes of nature.
We and those processes are interrelated; this makes us in part ‘predictable’, in a manner, in matter.

Not everybody knows their precise moment of birth; some people think it unimportant.
When people come to astrologers, they discover that it may be quite important.
Astrologers have found a solution to estimate the moment of birth of a person.
This is called ‘rectification’: deducing from turning points in your life; ‘when you took your first breath’.

Roberto Renout took this a step further.
Why not look farther than ... the events in your life?
Why not look at the way you live ... your whole life?
Why not look at yourself, how you ... feel about your own life?

That is how he created the Hand-Glove technique.
In it, ‘you’ fill out a
questionnaire; which he created especially for the purpose.
The computer then calculates your virtual date of birth (in any known era).
In this manner it is possible to relate how you feel about your life; and your life in your body.

There is however more to that story.
Not only people can feel out of place (or out of time) with/in their context.
The same can happen for peoples: whole populations and cultures.
This is where Roberto later developed the
Labyrinth, on basis of the Universal Translator.


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