The Hyper-Boule
The Universal Translator

The Universal Translator is Roberto Renout’s most important work.
It makes it possible to overcome the differences between all cultures.

By the Universal Translator it is possible to relate the basic logic of one culture to another.

Each culture has a philosophy which can be describe in terms of a number.
The number characterises the base reference of the primary relationship regarded by that culture.

Hamiltonean (t)

This number can be related to the corresponding Hamiltonian Pathway on the HyperBoule. This specifies the archetypal architecture of the structure of the Logic used (believed) by that culture.

    The relationship between this logic, and that of another culture, is seen in the relationship between their Hamiltonian Pathways. They will have points of intersection, where they will address the same values; but by the sequentiality of the pathways by which those points are reached, thus perceived, their interpretations will differ.
    By correlating and comparing these pathways, the fundamental points of understanding of one culture can be compared to those used by another culture; and the basis of the difference in their sameness can be made explicit and understood.

This helps understand why different people, and different cultures, perceive the same differently. They regard it from a different perspective.
By relating the perspective they use to the (psycho)logic it is based on, the
HyperMandala then can serve to correlate the perspectives

  • All world cultures can complement each other.
    Together, they form the body of Humanity, an intelligent being in its own right
  • Instead of regarding the difference in perspectives, it is possible to see the sameness in what they are observing; and thereby realise how their views complement each other.

Hamiltonean Pathways

A Hamiltonian Pathway is a trail that can be traced on a sphere.
Roberto Renout discovered that on the HyperBoule there are many such pathways.
Also it became clear that these Hamiltonian Pathways have cheirality: left- or right-handed.
This lead to the core engine of the Hypermandala: 4 spheres which in their cheirality complement each other.

For those who are knowledgeable with astrology, it can be seen that the trail of the Hamiltonian Pathway on the Boule shown above has the same shape as the symbol of Leo.
The symbol of Leo represents the old glyph for a Hinge; the turning point of a window or door. Technically this is a Singularity of a System.
See the work of RenÚ Thom on Catastrophe Theory, regarding System Singularity Sets.)
The Hamiltonian thereby represents the pathway of the dynamic by which the System is integrated into its context.

    The same is found in our body: it always connects the inside with the outside via a 4D version of a M÷bius Loop or Klein Bottle, a rotation by which the system can turn inside-out while maintaining (or adjusting) its shape.



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