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    This site is dedicated to the work of:

Roberto Renout

Roberto RenoutRoberto Renout studied the universal time-processes, and how they are connected.
Astrology  developed a language for this.
Roberto Renout saw the link between astrology (Time), the I Ching (Energy) and Sephiroth (Consciousness); and their meaning in our life.

His conceptual work and theoretical realisations led to a series of astrological computer programs, in which he was working to the creation of Virtual Cities, where the participants would be able to explore parts of their psyche for which their live social contexts does not leave room.
Also he worked on a pragmatic base for relating the different world views of all cultures, a
“Universal Translator”.
His “Hand-Glove technique” made it possible for people to understand how they think of themselves, and experience themselves and others, in terms of a virtual moment of birth. Synastry thereby makes it possible to connect behaviour psychology with astrology.

Roberto Renout was a loner. While he lived, few people knew of the immense implications of his work. Some knew him as astrologer, few as tarot reader. That he was working on integrating all cultures, by healing the psyche of all people, he kept mainly to himself.

    This web site has been created to present the public with his insights.

    It has been given the same name - - as Roberto Renout used for his web site, before he died 12 august 2003 in Paris

A series of Essays on this web site summarise some of the findings and implications.
They address Astrology (What is it), Beyond Astrology, Astrology and Gravitation, and other topics.



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