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Astrology is not an easy topic.

Few realise that astrology is a language, and a life style.
Astrology is about connectedness: the way we are part of the context.
Astrology is not about stars and planets: it is about the dynamic of life.
Astrology is a means for grasping the patterns of Time involved.

  • Did you know that in the centre of each galaxy there is supposedly a Black Hole?

Astrology is a fractal language.
Astrology deals with connections in Time-Space.
Astrology addresses your personal uniqueness, in the same way as all others.
Astrology is based on the large scale patterns in cosmic electrodynamics.

  • Baffled? You thought it was a simple prediction of what may happen?

Astrology does not deal with predictions.
Predictions pertain to the material domain, of inertia. Inertia is an imaginary reality - postulated by Classical Science - with no other purpose than to make theorising more simple. In fact, this Inert Reality of Classical Science does not exist. It cannot exist: the Classical assumption “Action = - Reaction” means that “Action + reaction = 0”. It defines a universe without change: this is commonly known as “Hell”. (Hell, from “Helling Off”, refers to a Closed System. Cf, in French, “Enfer”, from “Enfermer”, Closing Off, Isolating).

Astrology addresses the dynamics of Change: it by definition deals with Potential.
In mathematics this is known as the Potential Plane. This is a domain of gradients of charge density, in interaction with each other and their context. The relative changes in Gradient are addressed by the Theory of Relativity. The interactions with the context are dealt with in Quantum Theory. Both are dealt with in Astrology, which puts its description at the level of Field Theory, i.e. the interaction of “Holograms” with respect to each other.

  • Astrology regards the uniVerse as ‘Holographic’.

Astrology therefore, by definition, does not describe the state of an object (or person) but the relationship of a system with/in its context.
Astrologers are aware that this requires a double interpretation: the changes of the system, as well as the changes of the environment. Although in the past this was - for many - very difficult to understand or describe, with training many Astrologers acquired a very good, workable, intuitive interpretation. Nowadays we can understand this in a different manner. The calculations involved are of the kind as used for the interaction of a river and its bedding (both change with respect to each other). the same equations in a more subtle sense are done for the flow of gulf streams in oceans, jet streams in the atmosphere, and plasma streams in the ionosphere. Such calculations are nowadays done in computers.

  • Reality s a Realisation: our Freedom of Choicematters.

Astrology however deals with a situation which is more subtle and more complex than those addressed by computers. In computers, the designers in a way “forbid” the computer to interact with (respond to) what it is doing. Computers are not allowed “Freedom of Choice”. In humans, Freedom of Choice is the essence of Life. Astrology is designed to help take decisions at that level. Astrology brings out the dynamic (large scale) patterns of our context, to help the individual appreciate which dynamic patterns are currently in progress in the context. By knowing those dynamics, it is more easy to take decisions. Astrology, in this sense, is related to the weather forecast (and mostly based on the same calculations). The reason why Astrology (and the weather forecast) have a fairly large margin of error is precisely because they do not describe the state (nor the process) but its potential. It depends on the actual process to which extent the calculations of Astrology (or the Weather) will be valid.

  • Action =/= - Reaction, whenever Creation is involved.

Astrology thereby is a Third Order System calculation. It does, so to say, not deal with the place (matter) or speed (process) of things, but its acceleration (potential). It helps you specify your own co-ordination.
Just as in the calculation of acceleration (e.g. Newton’s equation “F=m.a”) it matters how large the process is; and to which degree it is internally coherent. In the calculations of Newton, the internal degree of change is assumed to be absent: the Object is Inert (Zero Order system). It is “Invariant”. In Newton’s simplifying assumptions there is no interaction with the environment either: the boundary of the system itself, too, is inert. This gives it a First Order System response: predictable behaviour. The predictability is the result of the limitations imposed on the internal organisation of the system (rigid, inert) and the boundary of the system with its context (closed, invariant). This is not what Astrology deals with. (And Newton, in fact a well-known Astrologer, was well aware of this also. His alchemical work is only now released to the general public.)

  • Did you know Newton was an Astrologer?

In Astrology we therefor deal with a different level of description: of a variable interface, in a variable field. This is why the descriptions of Astrology are - by definition - imprecise: you have a choice i the way you choose to interact with the context (e.g., you may choose to move to a different location); or you may opt to respond to what happens in a different, unforeseeable, manner. That is why Astrology is usually described as “Astrae inclinant, sed non decidant”. (The starts show the potential, but are not decisive.) Quite literally, the descriptions of Astrology show the Inclination; sometimes this is called ‘tilting the table’. As with the rolling of the dice, this may bias the outcome. It is an indication of what may happen. The metaphor of inclination, can be taken in a near-literal meaning: it is as if gravity is altered. Quite literally. This is what the Theory of Relativity describes as the curvature of Space-Time. However, in this case it is not just the Time domain that is ‘curved’, it is the energy space also. Quite literally this changes the inclination (acceleration) of all processes that take place within it. The quality of the space you live in is altered. This is a tad more than what is described by any change in the weather. This involves a change in the reality that you live in. “Everything” appears to be “warmer or colder, thicker or thinner”. This is where, and why, astrology and alchemy are related. Alchemy pertains to the different qualities of the world we live in. (We experience this very literally in the changes in our body, where processes speed (heat) up or slow (cool) down, and our body becomes thicker (denser) of thinner (lighter). Astrology addresses the processes involved, and how the processes in our body relate to, ‘reflect’, the processes around us.
Alchemy describes, at the level of Energy, what Astrology describes at the level of Tie (processes).

For those who understand the principle, the same equation for solid state reality (F=m.a) applies also for phase dynamic realisation. Albeit that in this case the boundary and the field, both, may change. System Theory has now offered many tools by which this can be understood and described.

  • F = M.a; E= m.c^2; G = M.Cc (Generation = Mind*inner/outer-consciousness)

It is relevant to realise that - contrary to what many people (choose) to believe - the art of Astrology (and Alchemy) has not been lost. Instead, it has been so much embedded in the culture that we now live in that it may be hard to discern to which degree it lies at its foundations.
Astrology - in seeking to make ever more precise calculations - has become the father of Astronomy (reducing the quest of Astrology to its very much more precise calculations).
Alchemy likewise has become the mother of Chemistry, where likewise the quest to better understand the causes of the changes of phase now dominate the understanding.
Realise also, that in interpreting Astrology as Astronomy, humans became alienated from their context.
Likewise, in regarding Alchemy as Chemistry, our involvement in our environment has been lost in its understanding.
It is precisely these shortcomings that are now being addressed, in politics and psychology to remedy the damage that people are doing to the environment and each other.
By understanding - Alchemy - that our body in itself reflects the changes in our environment and - Astrology - is in fact part of the same integral process, humans/humanity will be able to transcend the more limited understanding of Astronomy and Chemistry, by realising that Astrology and Alchemy help us experience our oneness with our context. Also, now that the limitations of the material mechanical model are understood (and the planetary pollution and wars known to be connected thereto) a change can be made from theories focusing on reality (inertia, predicabilities) to actualities based on realisation (involvement in creation).

Our mind is part of our body. It is also prat of our context. It is our interfacing capacity. This is why we can see the relationship between Astrology and our Mind. For those who know the symbol language of Astrology, the Zodiac can be understood to be a ‘Hat Rim’ ‘in our brain”. Viz. a ‘Ring of Saturn’, circling your Pineal Gland, with on it in Astrological Symbols the characteristics of the brain field:
Individuation (at the front) and embedding in the context (at the rear);
Dealing with specifics (relational logic) at the left and relationships (patterns) at the right. In fact, each Natal Theme of Astrology defines a personal bias (inclination) toward such specific brain functions; as Astrologers have described.
Also, there is a predilection of the environment to predispose the response of the body/mind: this is what Astrologers describe as the Transits. The Solar Return, the Horary Chart and Progressed Chart, together with the Natal chart, define the dynamics of our interaction with the context (4D inner-/Interphasing), in terms of the tilting of the balance.

  • Astrology denotes ‘the warp of the gravitational field’ of our context.

The whole purpose of these calculations is to be aware that such losses of balance are precisely what we deal with. In the same way as the weather forecast helps to take boots and an umbrella to go out when rain is expected, likewise Astrology helps you to be aware of the large scale ongoing patterns in our context; so you may account for it, and deal with it.

  • In other words: you can ‘level the playing field’ by ‘knowing that it is tilted’.

What makes Astrology fundamentally different, as tool for taking decisions, is that it pertains to qualities of Realisation.

Making  decisions is an ongoing activity in our life; most people even make decisions for the future. They plan an Agenda. (ToDo)
It means that, in the present, they decide what they will do and how they will do this, in a place and time which they do not yet know. Yet, they assume that they can know (well-enough) what may then happen, because what happens now, and may happen then, forms part of a larger pattern.

    Planning an Agenda implies that you expect the future to be like the past.

Compared to an Agenda (with ToDo's, Appointments, Meetings and Notes) Astrology deals with the sorting of the scale and scope of events.
Astrology helps to be able to discern 'between those events that you can change and those that you can not change.

The differences in types of events - the ones you can or cannot change - are represented b different astrological symbols. They mark the difference between small scale events (the ones we can manage) and large scale events (the ones we can not).
In Astrological terms, this involves the difference between
the Mercurial (mercury, mind set),
Venusial and Martial (Venus & Mars; 'underhand' like working with Nature or events),
Jovial or Stern (Jupiter and Saturn; conditoning/conditional),
Uranus and Neptune (changes of our context/conditions) and
Pluto (and Hephaestus); changes in reality (realisation).

The differences between those scope, represented by those planets, denote differences in scope of duration. This is not about invariance, but about scopes of repetition.

  • The ToDo's, Appointments,  Meetings and Notes in our Agenda reflect a change in involvement in our daily doings.

By understanding the size of a process, we can assess the ‘gravity’ of a situation. A slow process, is more enduring and thus ‘harder to change’. What we are dealing with is a relative measure for an(y) effect of our involvement.

In making Choices we discern between Options, Choices, Criteria and Conclusions.
These can also be called Potentials, Possibilities Probabilities and Practicalities.
They require the understanding of 'understanding what you can change, what you cannot change, and accepting the difference between them.
Astrology 'sizes us up' against the scope and scale of world/universal changes.

  • Psychologically Astrology helps you accept what you can not change.

It all pertains to degrees of involvement.

Astrology always deals with the way cosmic and planetary rhythms affect our context - water, plants, climate and e.g. pole shifts, as described in/by, respectively,
(For literature references see: “Recent Discoveries in Natal Astrology”, “The Vortex of Life” (Lawrence Edwards), literature on Sun Spot Cycles, and “Reality Revealed” (Sultan & Voigt).

The use of astrology always pertains to the way we interact with such changes; 'how we synchronise with/in/to then in the short- and long-term, life time, Seasonal (Earth), Planetary and Cosmic rhythms, in e.g. accepting the conditions of our birth, selecting the moments of life time commitments (e.g. weddings), realising implied deeper meanings of moments of dying, and knowing the potential/possible/probable/practical meaning of changes we witness.

It all pertains to moments of choice. Moment in this respect also has the connotation of Momentum. The lever that Galileo asked for ('give me a lever and a fixed point, and i will change reality') lies in our own existence. "We are it".
By our Freedom of Choice we can change the Perspective of our Involvement. By this we 'add our weight' to events, or prove our "dis-inter-est".
In a sense - in essence - everything we do in our life creates the reality that we live in. We 'vote' for one 'reality' or another, by our realisation. (If no one joins in on a war, the events which seemingly cased it will simply pass without people dying. cf. to not showing up for a wedding. If you do not in, you are not party to the Party.)

  • Making choices requires the ability to operate Perspective.

If (when) you assess everything in your life as Potential, Possible, Probable and/or Practical, you will make better choices in your involvement. You will be more happy, and probably live longer.
The stress- (coping) and immune- (learning) systems of our body are very important; the deal with how we relate to our context.
The first pertains to our Regulatory system; the second to our Information Integration system.
Both are based on our body's sensation of Vibration (rhythm); both deal with interfacing (by inner-phasing); this is precisely what Astrology addresses.

  • This is why Astrology is an important tool for calibrating the quality of your life: it helps you gauge the quality of your choices, an the relative 'weight' of your involvement in/for affecting changes.

Where most people look at what happens, what they might do about it, and what to do, there the Astrologers look for the pattern (time scale) to help you decide if your involvement could/would matter. ( puts this in practice: in everything you do, you choose what quality you give to the reality you are living.).

  • In making choices - in life, and in creation - you engage in reality, or disengage from it.

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