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Some people say that Astrology ‘can not work’, because they fail to understand how it can work.
Their lack of understanding is their business; their lack of curiosity will no doubt have it reason.
Their lack of understanding however does not mean that they are correct, it is no explanation.
For others the view of these people is not helpful, because an opinion lacks information.

In order to understand astrology it is best to start with the principle of universal creation.
In combination with the origination of life, we can see how biology responds to cosmology.
We can then also see how external and internal processes are always dynamically  linked.
Then it is evident that cosmic and planetary rhythms will affect our internal process(ing) cycles.

Starting point of this study is the origination of the cosmos, ‘a creation out of nothing’.
The first manifestation is the van Oort Cloud, a universal thunder cloud of charge and discharge.
The cosmic lightning discharges (Feathered Snakes”) can combine to form ball lightning; “Stars”.
The location of the stars is in precise calculation/computation of the universal charge discharge.

The stars create an electromagnetic wave pulsation around the, as calculated by deBroglie.
Around every star, star debris will aggregate at very precise consecutive “harmonic orbits”.
This produces “Planets” in “Planetary Orbits” cycling with great precision, as a “Pendulum”.
The calculation of the planetary motion is as precise as the positions of “Stars” in the cosmos.

The planets interact with the radiant surface of the ball lightning star at their centre.
The surface of the star will therefor NOT radiate out equally in all directions.
Instead, the star/sun surface will act as a lens, radiating a ‘signal’ determined by the Planets.
Again, the ripples of surface waves on the stars, and their build-up as tides, is very precise.

The “Planets” are mass aggregates of star debris, held together by cosmic forces.
Tetryonics helps understand how electromagnetic (“EM”) forces form matter, and move matter.
Planets, such as the Earth, thereby are formed by the interplay of the phases of matter.
This has ONE principle; Photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-oscillation <=> electron bonding.

The alchemists called these the four elements; physicists call these the Four Phases of Matter.
As alchemists pointed out, the transmutation of matter is based on changes of Degrees of Freedom.
We must not regard matter as material, but as different degrees/states of coherence of EM fields.
Material phases are in fact different (dimensional)  forms of aggregation of electromagnetic phase.

Thus on Earth we see the interplay and interchange between all of these material phases.
Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma are seen as Earth Crust, Oceans, Atmosphere and Magma.
Anatomy, Physiology, System Regulation and Information Integration ‘are’ the same concept.
The link between them is best seen in the origination of the various life forms of/on Earth.

Experiments showed that a lightning charge discharge in primordial gas forms amino acids.
The amino acid is, in that sense, the ‘crystallisation’ of the lightning charge discharge, in matter.
A lightning charge discharge jumps a fixed distance, and pauses a fixed time: a “space-time zipper”.
The amino acids are the fixation or crystallisation of the charge discharge computation, in Matter.

At the smallest level, amino acids function as antennae for these optimal charge discharges.
Gaston Naessens showed how (depending on conditions) these molecules can link up and extend.
In that way, somatids can form fungi and transform into virus and form microbes.
Lynn Margulis showed how microbes can link up and form the primordial “Eukaryote cell”.

The Eukaryote cell formed out of the fusion of the Earth, Water, Air and Fire types of microbes.
They are known as the “Anaerobic-“, “Hydrobic-“, “Aerobic-“ and “Photosynthetic Microbes”.
In Chinese lore they represent the characteristics of the mythical creature known as the “Dragon”.
These are the abilities of electromagnetic fields to form atoms forming molecules forming matter.

That means that all levels we still see the interplay of phase changes and charge discharge dynamic.
In the cosmos we see it as the computations leading to the location of stars and planets.
In the planet we see it as the manifestation of molecules of life and life forms.
With the opposite of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: The 2nd Law of Conscious Life.

Thermodynamics states that material motion is lost by molecular motion in the subatomic domain.
The Laws of life show that ‘energy that is swept under the carpet’, returns as conscious life forms.
Over the eons, life forms have become more conscious, more aware, and even more self-aware.
Yet underlying it all is still the underlying process of phase change, and calculated charge discharge.

The Eukaryote cell operates by these principles in a 0D Point manner; as do all single cell organisms.
Plants extend that principle in a fractal form, which enables them to interface interfaces.
Animals are able to apply the same dynamics in migrating between territories.
(Self) conscious life forms are able to process memories of their environments within them.

The dynamic of universal information in formation, computation, integration, operates in us.
The electromagnetic fields that form matter also flow in and out of forms of matter.
There are even electromagnetic oscillations and circulations within clusters of matter.
The movement of matter is determined by the ambient EM field, the flowing KEM field and resonant BEM field; for detailed understanding of this consult

All forms of matter are inert; they are clusters of ‘crumpled’ EM waves (“Tetryons”).
These quantum-sized universal fundamental clusters (“Tetryons”) have a charged surface.
Thence all forms of matter can be put in motion by electromagnetic (EM, KEN, BEM) Fields.
The internal fields also allow for material (re)organisation; this is the essence of life.

Tetryons, Atoms, Cells and Objects are all moved by the (2D) Electromagnetic fields around them.
The type of electromagnetic fields internalised between them determines their “Phase State”.
As mentioned, the difference between the alchemical phases, depend on electromagnetic linking.
In life forms the internal dynamic can reorganise phases of matter, in ‘dead matter’, it can not.

We now have the basis to understand why and how astrology affects us.
We are all part of the universe; a van Oort Cloud with very precise charge-discharge vibrations.
All materials of our body are produced by the same process: Tetryon clusters moved by EM fields.
The rhythms of the planets affects the tides on the sun that rhythmically affects the field radiation.

Vibration pulsation is known as information; it is used in Morse Code, Radio, TV and computers.
All cells in our body operate information to reorganise their own degree of materialisation.
All cells need information to operate nuclear forces to form and reform matter, forming our body.
Our body as a whole is an electromagnetic field in different degrees of materialisation/manifestation.

Astrology helps understand which ‘tides’ affect the sun, and how that changes solar radiation.
As a result, the electromagnetic fields around us accelerate or decelerate, intensify or dwindle.
This is the same, at the electromagnetic level, as what we experience on planet Earth as the Seasons.
Astrology helps us understand the cycles and patterns of these pulsations in cosmic vibrations.

By understanding astrology, you can better understand when and why your body is prone to change.
Simply because our body as a whole is composed of, and by pulsations and vibrations.
Our whole body is in an ongoing state of phase change (as the alchemists already described).
All is based on: Photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-oscillation <=> electron bonding.

Reality as such does not exist; reality is only a transient state in the process of realisation.
Realisation is the interplay between our own transient state, and the state change around us.
That is why and how we are creators in creation: we can change our participation in creation.
It helps to then know which changes are transient, and which changes are cyclic.

Astrology is an instrument to aid in Reality Navigation.
It helps to see the repeating cycles of change, by recognising recurrent patterns.
Even when the patterns intersect with each other, we can still recognise the underlying pattern.
As a result we can discern between the known and the unknown in changing our participation in creation.

We only operate one principle, in changing our participation in creation.
This principle is called the Quintessence, it is also known as Freedom of Choice.
We have the choice to connect or disconnect – its essence is a change of phase.
By changing phase we can switch between charge and discharge; thus … operate information.

Astrology helps us see the rhythms.
Biology helps understand how they operate within us.
Cosmology shows how the universe is formed by them.
It is your choice is you (want to) see the link between them, or not.



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