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Astrology & Gravitation

Gravity is held to be the most fundamental force in reality: it is how all that exists is connected.
Yet, there is no definition or formulation for Gravity.
As is the case for Health, Love and Consciousness,
One of the core characteristics of Gravity is Connectedness; coherence.

In relating Gravity to Astrology we come to different conclusions.
We can see how Astrology describes - and predicts - patterns of movements of planets.
We can also infer that Astrology is about our choice of involvement.
In combination with the way our body deals with Gravity, we can deepen our understanding into the nature of gravity, and link the predictability of the movement of inert objects, to the effect of change due to our involvement.

  • In this Essay the relationship between Involvement, Astrology, Gravity and our body is explored.

We will come to conclude that we need to look beyond the reductionistic mechanistic materialistic interpretation of Gravity, as a property of inert objects.
We will come to see that the essence of Gravity is Co-ordination (dynamic active coherence).
This puts Gravity at par with Love, Life, Consciousness and Health: an integral aspect of Creation.
Creation is the evolution and development of this uniVerse in formation; this puts Gravity - and Astrology - at a level of the most fundamental aspects of creation: coherence.

The following - work in progress - explores these ideas.

  • It deals with gravity, and the way we work with that in our body
  • This calls for an understanding of (the relationship between) our
    • Mineral Body (cell organisation)
    • Vegetative Body
    • Animal Body
    • Self-Awareness
  • We will see that they all reflect different degrees of involvement
  • Astrology helps to understand how we can make better choices.

BioRhythms, Consciousness, Gravity and Coherence - Draft

Astrology is commonly known as a tool to aid in our selection of timing.
Here we will explore that and how timing is one aspect of a larger principle: of connectedness.
We will look at the most basis form of connectedness: gravitation.
From our body we can learn how it deals with gravitation, and how Astrologycan be understood in that process.

Most people realise that you must be on time to ride a bus, be in season to plant seeds, be of age to become pregnant. Astrologers study the general underlying patters: by which processes are we connected to our context? Which patterns characterise their rhythms?
Then we can be on time, in season, at the proper age, in our lifetime.

One of the fundamental characteristics of our body is its ability to stand up to gravity.

This is a property of our "Vegetative System".

It makes use of the dynamic properties of an underlying system, known as our Mineral Body.

In our Mineral Body, cells make use of Alchemy (Louis Kervran, ####); the coherent changes of phase between Solid, Liquid, Gas (ions) and Plasma.

This is the most fundamental level of phase organisation of our body. This internal coherence relates to consciousness, memory, phase states and gravity.

Gravity is the usual term for the large scale relationships (patterns) of matter. In living organisms the principle is somewhat more complex: it pertains to the maintenance of phase coherence, in the presence of changes in phase state. In Astrology this is known as the Quintessence; the fifth essence. Underlying the Four Elements - the four phases of matter - is the possibility of one 'element' transforming into another, while maintaining coherence. This is known as The Stone of Wisdom: in living beings Stone (bone, solids) are related directly to life. The Elixir f Life refers to the more fundamental process dynamics by which the Inert phase state of Solids (rock) can be related to the (process) dynamics seen in Life. It describes the essence of the dynamics of phase change, in life, which makes life different from the properties of inert (dead) matter.


The Sage's Stone is a metaphor for the understanding which is needed to work with the difference. The main purpose of Alchemy is to be able to understand this. The main purpose of Astrology is to be able work with the rhythms involved.

Both are called 'occult' science because the principles and dynamics of life are not seen in the manifest material forms of objects, but by the underlying immaterial dynamics, which link the forms throughout their dynamic changes (transmutations). Hence the Alchemists quest for the underlying 'unseen' quintessence.


His quintessence is nowadays described in different ways, depending on a difference in perception.

"Gravity" is the term used for this fundamental coherence /in matter/ (solid state).

"Consciousness" is the word used in describing coherence at the immaterial (plasma) level.

"Nature" is the usual term for our (dynamic) experience/interaction of/with our environment, Earth.

"God", for many cultures, refers to the experience of social interaction.


The terms already describe how the same essence can be experienced, in seemingly very different manners, depending on our mode of participation.

The same is the case for the Four Fundamental Forces of Physics; they too are four different aspects of the same essence, perceived in four - seemingly - very different manners, depending on our mode of involvement. Astrology helps to gauge and calibrate those different degrees of involvement, by relating the processes within us to those of our environment.

Evidently, /all/ processes in our body originate /from/those of our environments. It thus shows good sense to describe the processes within us in terms of the processes around us. The greatest common denominator in this are the large scale dynamics of/for universal creation. The planetary motions serve in this manner. They are not relevant in terms of planetary orbits, but as examples of interlined process dynamics (rhythms) as part of the more encompassing (process) dynamics of creation.

Astrology is - technically speaking - a modulo mathematics for describing rates for wave field interactions.


In our physical body we experience this at four levels: the mineral, vegetative, animal and cognitive systems.


The Mineral Body, mentioned above, addresses the phase coherence at the physical levels. Cells operate an ongoing transition (transmutation) between the solid, liquid, gas (ionic) and plasma states of matter. This is the basis of the ongoing flexible dynamic interactive preservation of our body.

At this level, the principle of 'gravity' or 'consciousness' is manifest in the piezo-electric, liquid-crystal, transducer-transponder matter-in-formation

/information dynamics that are characteristic of living/life.


The mineral (cellular) body shows this at the primary level of cellular coherence.

The vegetative ('plant') body deals with the same, now in relationship to the (local) orientation within respect to the Earth surface. This is how plants use vertical orientation. In our body we find an elaborate complex system to show this (the hearing-gravity-visual-long-distance-nervous system). Together they form our primary perception for spatial orientation. Together with the system of Propriocepsis, this determines how we position ourselves in our context.

The Animal system makes use of this in orienting in different contexts. Where, like a plant, the vegetative system 'positions' us in a local context, the Animal System enables us to interface between different context. Again, we have a complex regulatory system to show this. In this case it is the combination of the organ system, the regulatory system, our Stress Response and Immune System which, together, allow us to incorporate different qualities of different contexts within our body. Our body itself is the interface/boundary-system/filter/integrator between those different contexts. All of the communications involved are based on vibrations (with characteristic rhythms). The Stress System is able de-/e-define system boundaries in our body. The Organ System exemplifies the synergised use of phase states in order to do this. The Regulatory system operates the integral/systemic co-ordination. And the immune system shows that, and how, information of our context is incorporated into our body.

The system for digestion of food, immunity, learning, and species development are all examples of/for this and demonstrate/manifest the existence of the fourth  level of coherence/co-ordination: that of information-integration with/n our body. At this level we experience/see, explicitly, what was already implied in the underlying three levels: consciousness is the most essential for of co-ordination/coherence of our body/experience in our context. This is precisely what Astrology addresses, and is used for.

The Information-integration system of our body unifies our experience as part of the uniVerse with our personal perception of his. We are at the same time the whole, and part of it. Our food digestion, immune system, learning capacity and DNA co-creation all show this. Each example shows how we incorporate information of/from our environment  into our body. Life is about optimising that interaction (integration). Astrology is a tool for that purpose.


In the same way as a time table helps to be on time to board busses/trains/boats/planes for travel, so Astrology helps to gauge the right season for seeding action for optimal harvest. As in the "cakewalk" attraction on a fun fare, it is important to know when to move sideways or forward, speed up or jump to make the right connection. The aim is not that jump, but the ongoing connection.


The Cognitive, Animal, Vegetative and Mineral Bodies can be described in much greater detail: medicine already described many of those details. At each level it can be seen how vibrations determine the integral

/integrative process: cell (division) cycles, neuronal/hormonal (dis)charge rhythms, organic biorhythms, and cycles of consciousness involving e.g. the pineal land. Medical astrology offers what medical science is lacking: an integral/unified notation to formulate the interrelationships between those rhythms and their patterns, in terms of the most general common denominator for those patterns the phase relationships between those large scale /plant cell cycle patterns. Again, this is not about material phases but phases of interlinked (immaterial) cycles, which compose matter. This is best seen, but also: experienced, in our body. Astrology is thus not a descriptive science but an art for participation. How you respond determines the outcome. Thus: 'astrae inclinant, non decident'. How you live, matters.



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