The Hyper-Boule
The How & Why of Astrology

by O#o van Nieuwenhuijze, MSc, MD

There are clear experiments which show how, and why, humans respond to the changes in planetary positions. The menstrual cycle, which relate to the lunar rhythm, is very well-known.
Less known are the so-called Circadian Rhythms, and the research of Chronobiology, which describe the various body rhythms. Especially the endocrine (hormonal) rhythms have been well studied. The findings match the descriptions given in oriental medicine for body response rhythms.
Relevant is the work by Lawrence Edwards (The Vortex of Life) in which he demonstrated the response of tree buds to the transit of the Lunar Cycle with respect to the planets.
In our daily life we see the relationship between the description of the Zodiac in relationship to our brain function (personal/collective and introvert/extrovert axes).


Humans are formed out of the same development process as the whole uniVerse.
The processes within us form part of the processes around us.
For example: the food chain within us extends the food chain around us: cells feed cells, and species eat species for the purpose of sharing information  (e.g. DNA).
In our body we see how and why planetary motion affects us: this is why astrology matters.

Four factors come together.

  1. the water dynamics                  {Recent Advances in Natal Astrology}
  2. the form function                      {The Vortex of Life}
  3. the pineal gland                        (Energy Medicine, Scientific basis}
  4. the thalamic pacemaker          {idem}

Ad 1) Water Dynamics

Water is a liquid crystal.
It responds to charge fields around it.
The “>”-shaped H2O molecules combine in clusters: “<>”.
The <> units change their angular distances, and thereby the spatial organisation of water.

In our body water is an essential fluid.
It offers the energy for the cell core reactions {H Fröhlich}
It is the substrate of the medium that the cells grow in
It provides the proton conductivity around the body connective tissue electronic signals
It buffers all electro-chemical reactions.

As result of planetary changes the quality of water changes.
“Recent Advances in Natal Astrology” quotes examples of chemical reactions, using water, that do not function well at the time of full moon.
Rudolf Hauscka showed in experiments that tomato plants have different growth rate depending on the time water had been exposed to the light of a lunar eclipse.
Experiments with Flow Forms show that the viscosity of water is altered by having repeatedly passed through a vortex.
The work of Viktor Schauberger adds further insight into the dynamic properties of water.

The result is that water is:

  1. known to respond to planetary position changes
  2. water is related to the bio-electro-chemistry of our body
  3. fuel for our living body cells
  4. substrate for the composition of our whole body

Ad 2) Form Function

Lawrence Edwards [The Vortex of Life] used his camera to take pictures of the buds on trees.
He compared the shape of the leaf buds to the mathematical conic shape for form inversion.
By this approach he could compare changes in shape of the leaf bud to those on other trees, in relationship to planetary transitions.
As a result he found that the transition of the  moon with respect to the planets (Lunar Conjunctions) affected specific trees, for specific planets. This is described at the end of his book “The Vortex of Life”.

The form function is a very basic principle:
When a line is inverted into and onto itself, it creates the shape of a conic(cf a pine cone).
This shape is related to the shape of the vortex (Thence the title of his book: “The Vortex of Life”.).
This is the basic shape for the creation of the universe, and anything within it (cf. Shipov, and Amoroso, in their models for cosmic creation).
A vortex is especially relevant because it integrates different dimensions: it is a shape which integrates a volume with a plane, a line and a (transition) point.

In the (repeated) transition through a vortex the clustered water molecules (2H2O) are aligned in he streamline of the vortex, due to which the water quality, such as its viscosity, changes. This shows that water quality responds to changes in context.
At the molecular and atomic level the water will respond to electromagnetic fields. This is where water is a quantum furl for the cell dynamics (H Fröhlich). This is also where the combined qualities of (paramagnetic) oxygen and hydrogen combine to determine the molecular response to the electromagnetic charge fields in our context.

All atoms and molecules function as antennae [Phil Callahan]. Their form represents a clustered wave field. This makes it a resonator to harmonic forms of that wave shape. Not only H2O, but all atoms and molecules in our body respond to this. The ‘anatomic’ forms and shapes in our body are large scale versions of small scale form-principles. The shapes of the atoms and molecules are likewise seen in the form of the metabolomic patterns (the chains of molecule metabolites in our body) and the flow forms that we see as our organs. Each shape is resonator for a specific shape of wave field. And all of our body organs thereby resonate not only to electromagnetic charge-discharge fields in our r context, but also to all modulation of the ionosphere of the planet.

Ad 3) The Thalamic Pacemaker

Our body is directly entrained into the resonance frequency of the ionosphere of the planet: the Schumann Resonance Frequencies.
This resonant entrainment is so important that in our body we have a separate group of cells - the Thalamic Pacemaker - in our brain, which resonates at the rhythm of this Schrödinger vibration.
The Thalamic Pacemaker is a backup system: it helps the body tide over when the ionospheric patterns are disturbed or lost. This may be the case in thunderstorm or electric charge winds (el Niño, the Mistral, ...), or as result of solar storm flare radiation.
The Schumann resonance is a frequency which is basic to our body functioning: it is the base frequency for self-healing {S Bosman}.

The Thalamic pacemaker is meant as backup system only: it is the Earth Schumann Resonance frequency that forms the carrier wave for the self-healing of our body.
The Schumann Resonance Frequency is a ‘cavity resonance’ effect of the lightning discharges around the Earth. They lead to electromagnetic waves propagating around the Earth, within the ionospheric layer. The size of the earth and the hight and shape of the ionosphere determine the actual frequency of the standing wave - around the Earth - which is thus created.

The shape of the ionosphere is affected by the positions of the sun and the planets. In the same way as all planets affect the tides on the Earth, they also affect the much more light and flexible atmosphere, and the even more light and flexible ionosphere. The result is that we experience, on Earth, the same as we se on the sun: each of the planet ‘pulls’ the ionosphere towards it. All of the planets, together, thereby create a pattern of waves around the Sun, and Earth. These wave shapes overlap when planets stand in conjunction. This affects the radiation of the Sun to the Earth, but also the way the Earth ionosphere shields the sun’s radiation.

Together this determines the way the Earth Schumann Resonance is altered; thus the way its carrier wave is shifted with respect to the frequency ‘recorded and stored’ in the Thalamic pacemaker in our body. This is the mechanism by which our body responds to the changes of position of the planets.
It is important to know that the American Military Industrial Complex has started to modulate, thus modify, the Earth ionospheric patterns. The HAARP project uses a powerful radio wave beam to pulsate and puncture the Earth Ionosphere. This affects the movement of the ionosphere and the way the Schumann carrier wave for our body is affected. This thus affects our body. The experience of the (medical) astrologers will be needed to be able to gauge the effect this has on our body and life form.

Ad 4) The Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland, in the middle of our brain, functions as a virtual central pivot for our experience in life.
The Pineal Gland is located between our bodily experience, and our experience of our environment.
The Pineal Gland relates to our experience of night and day, darkness and light, and, in essence, between life and death. Dark room retreats activate the pineal gland to a different mode of functioning, including seeing in the dark and telepathic awareness. {S Bosman, Ananda}.
The Pineal Gland relays its experience to the hypothalamic axis, thence to the glandular organs, which determine the functional climate in our body.

The system of glands regulates the internal milieu of the body.
The organs respond to the hormones secreted by the glands, and also to the sympathetic and parasympathetic neuronal impulses. The organs also respond to each other’s secretions (which is another hormonal system). Together this gives four (4) factors that, together, regulate the state of the body cells, via the organs.

The organs form one integral system. They do not function as separate units: all of them are interconnected. Functionally they form a Möbius Ring: one integral loop connecting inside and outside. The Blood connects them. The blood is their integrative factor. The blood, in itself, can also be regarded as an organ.

The Organs - together - form the regulators for the body. They function in response to the endocrine glands, which respond to the pineal gland, which responds to our sense of embedding in our context. The ambient energy field (the radiomagnetic waves in the ionosphere around us) thereby determines the way we function. The organs relay these influences to the body. Every organ therein has a special characteristic, reflecting its role in the Möbius Ring of exchanges between our body and our context.

The organs therein have specific roles with respect to our experience of our context. There is a relationship between the organs and the planets. Buddhist, Hindu, Greek, and Roman deities are named after the planets. In Hinduism and Buddhism it is seen most clearly that the ‘deities’ are in fact description of the function of our organs. The organ function, physically and emotionally, are named after what we call the Planets. The relation betweeen them is based on frequency entrainment. Every molecule (thus every hormone) has a specific frequency, which can be measured even at some distance from the body. Every glandular organ thereby operates a specific frequency, which corresponds - through the gland and its hormone - with the functioning of an organ. The Schumann resonance variation affects the Pineal gland, and thereby the glandular organ system. It is therefore not surprising that frequencies are the link between the planets and the organs. The deities are but a way of expressing this underlying connection in the way we function.


The uniVerse is, literally, an integrated system of vibrations.
The planetary cycles affect the shape of the sun, and thereby the direction of its solar flare radiation. This affects the ionosphere of the Earth, and thereby the Schumann Resonance which is a carrier wave for the self-healing system of our body.
The Pineal Gland responds to these fluctuations, which are relayed via the hypothalamus to the glandular organ system, which affects the organs which create the Milieu Interne for the living cells of our body. There is a traditional correlation, described by many major cultures, between the planetary orbits and or organ functions.
These frequency effects on the body and the organs comes combined with the effect that planetary cycles have on the chemistry of body water: the internal organisation of water is affected by planetary cycles, as shown by the studies of Hauschka, Schauberger and others. They also affect the growth rhythms of plants, as shown by Edwards. The changes in water organisation affects its role as cellular quantum fuel (Fröhlich), and proton carrier around the connective tissues.

It means that our body responds, in many ways, to the movements of the planets.
Our body is part of the uniVerse; all is connected by vibrations.
The relationships between the planetary rhythms and functions of the organs forms the basis of the ‘gods’ of many cultures.
The link between them is found in the response of the Pineal Gland and the ionospheric Schumann Resonance (with its backup version in the Thalamic Pacemaker in the brain).

Astrology is a language for the descriptions of relations and correlations.
The descriptions refer to the astrological/astronomical rhythms of the planets in our solar system.
The description type is what mathematics calls “Modular”: it is a system of cycles within cycles; together they form a holographic type of description. It addresses relationships between vibrations, at their different levels.
The understanding of this relationship requires closer understanding of the correlation between the planetary orbits, their effects on the shape (thus radiation) of the sun, the result on the ionosphere of planet Earth, and the way this effects the functioning of our body.


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