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Electro-bio-physical Astrologics

Cells are alive, and pulsate.
Every living cell has a cell cycle.
The whole universe vibrates.
The cell cycles interact with the universal vibrations.

    Think of a swing hanging in the wind.
    Think specifically of the bridge across the Tacoma Narrows.
    The wind caused that bridge to vibrate, and fall off its supports.
    Compare that to "Caruso singing the note of a wine glass, causing it to shatter".

The interference patterns between universal vibrations and living cells 'explains' "astrology'.
All sensory cells are responsive to universal vibrations.
Sensory (surface) cells respond to specific vibrations by a charge discharge.
That charge discharge is relayed to nerves, to neural nodes and then to the brain.

    Our brain too is composed of living cells, with cell cycles.
    Compare every brain cell/part to a vibrating swing/pendulum.
    Changes of rate of universal vibrations will affect the brain cell cycles/frequencies.
    Think of a field of wheat reflecting the wind by flowing in waves.

The oceans, lakes, water surfaces and raindrops/snow flakes do the same.
Autumn leases fallen off the tree too show the otherwise invisible flow of the wind.
This was already noticed in Antiquity, and the word wind was used to describe 'invisible movers'.
The religions galloped away with their interpretations for the word for wind: "spirit".

We nowadays know that electromagnetism is 'the' prime 'invisible mover'.
The 'attributes' of 'god' are the characteristic of electromagnetic fields.
They are variable, coherent, forms of information, and energy.
The best model for this is found in Tetryonics (

    Tetryonics describes how quanta form electromagnetic fields.
    Crucial therein is how quanta form inert Matter (with surface charges): Tetryons
    Electromagnetic field flows past Tetryons/Matter are called KEM fields.
    Electromagnetic field flows between Tetryons/Matter are called BEM fields.

Kinetic (KEM) fields are akin the flow of food in/out our body.
Biologic (BEM) fields are the essence of cell consciousness.
Björn Nordenström used the word Ergonars for describing KEM effects.
He used the word Infonars for describing electromagnetic BEM effects.

Our body is composed of living cells, unfolded by fractal cell division decisions.
All living cells are ‘CPU's’ (Central Processing Units) computing information.
Every living cell is a radio system, receiving/processing/storing/transmitting information.
Our consciousness, life and health are based on the integrity of cellular information processing.

Cells therein use the universal vibrating information field, which is electromagnetic.
As the religions of the past described it: they respond to the un-i-versal "spirit".
All cells use that information to operate atomic forces to make molecular materials.
The materials produced by living cells are tuned and responsive to information flows/fields.

    Piezo-electric materials interchange electric vibrations and motion of Matter.
    Liquid-crystals change in plasticity, dependent on the flow of electromagnetism.
    Transistors (transducer-transponders) use Matter to redirect electromagnetic flows.
    Intelligent-gels are able to store information in (dense (fluid)) matter.

    Homeopathy too makes use of that capacity of matter to store information.
    Acupuncture too makes use of the capacity of information flows to synchronise cells.
    Spirit healers too make use of the radio electromagnetic communication of information.
    Astrologers too know that living body cells respond to changes in universal vibrations.

Brain cells, appropriately called astrocytes, operate in a same way as do stars.
Stars are 'ball lightnings' at the crossing point of universal charge discharges.
The primordial universe is imagined to be one immense (van Oort) thunder cloud.
One immense primordial electromagnetic field with lightning charge discharges.

In the South Americas the lightning charge discharges were called "feathered snakes".
Another term for the same was “Quetzalcoatl”; the Chinese wrote of “Dragons”.
In many ways cultures tried to describe electricity, before it was (again) understood.
Nowadays Tetryonics helps understand how electromagnetic fields form/move Matter.

The electromagnetic aspect of living body cells is more and more understood.
EEG, EKG, EMG and GSR are bio-electric effects measured by medical doctors.
What they as yet fail to understand is that cells are miniature super computers.
They also often forget that cells are individually conscious, and uniquely alive.

Brain cells form a hive or colony of living cells.
The brain forms the centre of the connective tissues linking our organs.
The organs form a (Möbius Loop) of internal/external cell communication/cycles.
The cell cycles link the internal cell vibrations to the external universal vibrations, that they form part of.

Brain cells too thus all have their cell cycle/vibrations, resonating to universal vibrations.
Brain cells, and all cells, (cor)respond to universal vibrations by internal cycle adaptation.
'Cancer' is an instance where external-internal vibration coupling/entrainment is lost.
'Adaptation' is the term for functional vital external-internal cell rhythm entrainment.

Brain halves can be regarded as ‘a colony of living cells highly responsive to vibrations’.
Brain cells respond to the phase change of the electrodynamic activity of neural plexus.
Neural plexus compute/integrate the input differentials between all associated neurons.
Neurons relay the electromagnetic charge discharge from a body surface sensory cell.

The discharge of the sensory cell is called a “Dirac Pulse”, in mathematics.
Likewise the charge discharge along a neuron is called a “Fourier code”.
Similarly the information processing in a neural plexus is called a “Moiré Matrix/Array”.
While the integral information processing in the brain is called a “Gabor Hologram”.

Crucial is that this involves a transition in/between four distinct dimensions.
It is the information relay from a point to a line to a plane to a volume.
That is the transition from 0D to 1D to 2D to 3D (dimensions), respectively.
That is the characteristic 4D dynamic of a point turning inside-out on itself,

Every body cell, every cell division and all cell communications operate by that logic.
(That logic is separately described in; the 4D Dynamic logic).
All 3D cells, via the 2D surface, in 1D singularity transitions, form part of the 0D field.
Thus is the same relationship as seen in a vortex turning outside-in on itself.

The relationship between the part and the whole is calibrated in the Singularities.
A Singularity is a local focal point of Total System Inversion (a turning inside-out and v.v.).
Our first body cell, the Zygote, operates in that precise manner; it is a Singularity..
It originated from fractal sexual cell fusion, and formed the body by fractal cell divisions.

That cell fusion/fission fractal is another instance of that "feathery snake".
Remember that amino acids are said to form by charge-discharge in primordial gasses.
Amino acids in that sense are frozen/fossilised 'traces' of that lightning charge discharge.
All molecules are exact precise 'traces' of charge-discharge calibration.

Cells produce molecules by this principle, in reflection to environment field (charge) changes.
'There is nothing material about the nature and existence of living cells'.
Cells are living conscious supercomputers, ‘calibrating electromagnetic (dis)charges in matter’.
Therein they operate the "i-god" principle: they Integrate, Generate, Operate and Discharge charges.

All living cells do this.
All living cells within them compute/integrate charge differentials across their membranes.
Therein the always operate the 4 Dimensional cascading dynamic logic.
That is the reason why astrology affects our body and being.

Astrology refers to “planets” and “stars” to address the EM fields between them.
The EM fields themselves are described in/as the Alpha fields of Tetryonics.
These form the ambient EM fields that our cells form part of and (cor)respond with.
That is a mutual interaction: we are (literally) "creators in creation".

Ambient EM fields will expand/contract, accelerate/decelerate activate/deactivate destroy/create living cells.
These are the polarities of a singularity transition point between 4 Dimensions.
That is what is addressed by astrology: how ambient fields can thus affect us.
Which can also be represented in the function of our brain = connective tissue = organ = cell.

The forebrain therein represents the 0D point of individuation focus.
The left brain represents the 1D line of linear logic rationalisation/discrimination
The right brain represents the 2D plane of reference/integration.
The hind brain represents the 3D volume of integrity in participation in creation.

In that sense 'the zodiac' is akin to ‘a rim of a hat worn on the head’.
But the brain merely reflects the connective tissues, integrating the (food = information) metabolic organ cell cycles.
The zodiac therein is the lemniscate dynamic of the organs = gods = planets linking inside/outside.
Yet it all is based on the cell cycle, which represents the dynamic of a Möbius Loop turning itself inside-out and v.v..

The logic thereof cannot be seen unless the 4D dynamic logic nature of living cells is considered.
Likewise the principle is not understood if the planets and stars are not understood as electromagnetic form manifestations.
‘Astrology does not describe plants and human reactions, but electromagnetic field interactions’.
As mentioned above, that relationship is mutual ("we are creators in creation").


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